A Traditional Valentine's Day 2018 Gift is a Breath-Taking Eternity Rose

Gold dipped rose

An Eternity Rose is a real rose, cultivated with loving care, and dipped into a molten bath of a precious metal such as gold, platinum or silver, thereby preserving its perfection and beauty for all time.

An Eternity Rose is the ideal combination of the gifts most commonly associated with Valentine's Day, roses and fine jewellery. Any - or ALL - of the ladies in your life would be thrilled to receive an Eternity Rose; your wife, sweetheart, mother, and grandmother. Add to this one-of-a-kind gift a thoughtful Valentine's Day card and you have the perfect present!

The rose is recognised the world over as a universal symbol of love. The intent of the stunning Eternity Rose is to commemorate this important symbol via an exquisite piece of art, and have it proudly displayed, prominently and joyously declaring, "Love lives here!"

How did the world come to celebrate love on this so-called Valentine's Day? Let's take a look at its time-honoured origins.

Best valentines day gift for herThe Origins of Valentine's Day

The romantic mid-February occasion known as both St. Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day, is actually associated with more than one saint. The Catholic Church associates the martyred saints, each named Valentine or Valentius, with the occasion based on legends associated with each one of them.

One of the legends has to do with a Catholic priest from third-century Rome. The emperor at that time, Claudius II, dictated that unmarried men without children made better, more focused soldiers when going into battle, and so he declared marriage as illegal for young males. The priest, Valentine, was dissatisfied with the unfairness of this order and the sadness it would bring for young couples who were in love and wished to marry. Defying Emperor Claudius II's decree, Valentine persisted in performing marriages in secret for young couples. When he was discovered to be breaking this law, Emperor Claudius II ordered Valentine’s imprisonment and execution. Legend says that during his imprisonment, he managed to send a letter to a woman whom he'd developed romantic love for when she visited him faithfully throughout his confinement. He is said to have signed the letter, "From your Valentine", hence the very first Valentine was sent! It is believed that the celebration of Valentine's Day takes place on February 14 to esteem the date of either the priests' execution or his burial, which reportedly took place around the time of A.D. 270.

However, there is also a belief that the institution of the Christian Church is responsible for placing the Valentine's Day occasion in the centre of February, to disguise and "Christianise" a pagan holiday known as Lupercalia. This festival, originally celebrated on 15th February, was a combined festival to promote fertility, in honour of the Roman agricultural god named Faunus, in addition to paying homage to those who founded Rome, named Remus and Romulus. At the beginning of this festival, people belonging to a fraternity of priests known as the Luperci gathered at a consecrated cave where it was believed Remus and Romulus had been nurtured in infancy by a female wolf (a "Lupa"). At this site, a goat or a dog would be sacrificed and then a strip of its hide would be dipped in the blood, carried through the town, and used to sprinkle crop fields and women with the blood. The people believed that this ritual in the following year would bring about good crops and ensure fertility. The single women of the town would then write down their names and place them inside a big urn. The single men of the town would subsequently draw a name from the urn, and the woman whose name he had chosen would become his partner the following year, until the festival came again.

These matches frequently led to marriage. Because of this, the commemoration of Lupercalia was linked to the Valentine's Day occasion. Lupercalia was declared "un-Christian" and was outlawed just prior to the 6th century. Then-Pope Gelasius professed February 14 to be St. Valentine's Day. But it wasn't until quite some time later that the occasion began to be associated with true love.

In the period of the Middle Ages in England and France, it was believed that 14 February was when birds began to mate, and since many birds mate for life, this ignited the concept that Valentine's Day would be associated with love and romance.

saint valentine

The First Valentine Composition

While Valentine's Day greetings were exchanged way back in the Middle Ages, the written form of a Valentine's Day salutation did not make its appearance until sometime after the year 1400. The first-known Valentine is included as part of a manuscript collection belonging to the British Library in London, England. It is in the form of a poem, composed by the Duke of Orleans for his wife during his imprisonment in the year 1415, after being captured during the Battle of Agincourt. Many years later, evidence suggests that King Henry V employed the services of a writer to compose a Valentine message of love to Catherine of Valois.

Modern Valentine's Day

Valentines day gift for wife

Fast-forward to today. In the 21st century, Valentine's Day is a day of celebration in the UK, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia and France. Its popularity began to grow in the 17th century, and by the mid-18th century, it had become a common practice for couples, and even friends, to exchange handwritten notes or small gifts on this special day. This practice spanned all classes of the community. By 1900, cards became the usual type of Valentine greeting, thanks to the growth of printing technology. These days, it is estimated that one billion Valentine's cards are given each year, which makes Valentine's Day the second most popular - and most lucrative - card-sending occasion, behind Christmas only, in which over two billion cards are mailed every year.

So in addition to the most heart-felt card that you can find, be different this coming Valentine’s Day, and give your loved one an Eternity Rose. Nothing will encompass the meaning of love in a more powerful way than such a gift.

….and if you are looking for an ideal Mother’s Day present, an Eternity Rose makes a superb gift for her on any special occasion such as this.