What better way to express your love for your partner than by creating a special gift with your own hands? Whether or not you want a handcrafted gift to complement a purchased anniversary present such as a stylish Eternity Rose, making a present yourself is a romantic and meaningful way to convey your emotions. There are countless projects you can try your hand at, whatever level your creative skills. You will probably even already have most of the essentials to hand in order to create a heartfelt and beautiful memento of the occasion. Whether you choose to utilise the materials linked with your specific anniversary year, or would just prefer free reign to use your creativity and design something truly unique, you can be sure that your partner will be touched by the effort and thought that has been put into creating a bespoke gift especially for them.

Make A Life Collage

The perfect project for those with limited artistic skills, a collage that represents your life together is a simple yet effective gift. All that is required is a piece of card or thick paper to make your base, a pretty frame, some glue, and then appropriate materials to match your theme. If you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary for example, the customary material is paper, so why not seek out meaningful paper tokens from your life together? Cut out words or pictures from books and magazines that have relevance to you, or add tickets from movies or shows you have seen. Be creative with your material choices, for example, those who are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary could use leather accessories while those who have been married for 4 years could use dried flower petals, or lace for the 13th anniversary. You could even choose a frame that matches the theme of your anniversary, for example, a wooden frame for the 5th anniversary, a crystal frame for the 15th, or silver for the 25th.

Create A Cosy Pillow

If you have access to a sewing machine, a pillow is a relatively simple project. Choose a lovely fabric and tailor it to reflect your relationship, perhaps by embroidering your names and the date of your anniversary, or by copying a poem or special saying. Pick a simple theme and a fabric that can easily be manipulated. There are several anniversaries that this would be an especially appropriate gift for. The 2nd anniversary, for example, is linked with cotton, the 12th is linked with silk or linen, and the 13th is associated with lace. Choose a fabric that matches your theme and it will form an enduring and beautiful memento of the event. If you cannot sew, why not arrange for a custom-made pillow to be designed instead?

Handwritten Love

A low-cost gift that will touch the heart is a handwritten love note which expresses your genuine sentiments. Pick a good quality notepaper and tell your love why they mean so much in your life and why they are so special. Add a spritz of your own cologne or perfume and seal your unique gift with a kiss - what better way to mark the first ‘paper’ anniversary.

Message in a bottle

A Message in a Bottle

If you have shared wonderful seaside holidays together, why not capture the memories in a message in a bottle? Write a romantic message and put it in a personalised bottle specially created for your partner.

Personalised Photographic Gifts

Both cost-effective and yet meaningful, a personalised photo book or frame is a very special gift. Engraving a frame with your anniversary date and your names will permanently capture the event, while a photo book will tell the story of your love and life together from your first days to the present time.

Gadget Covers with a Personal Touch

Today, we all have different devices and gadgets, so what better gift than a personalised photographic cover? A photo of you both together will bring you to mind every time the gadget is used.

The Modern Mix Tape

Although the mix tape is a thing of the past, the modern alternative is a mix CD or playlist including all the tracks that mean something to you as a couple. Include the music playing on your first date, your wedding first dance, and any songs that you like to sing together.

Personalised Pottery

A pottery gift is always practical and yet beautiful. Paint your own design onto a mug, vase or plate, or have a special photograph of you both printed onto the surface.

Handmade Cards

Why buy a commercialised and generic card when you can easily acquire all the essential materials you need to make one yourself? Craft your own lovely card and write your own loving poem or message of love inside.

Gift Baskets

Tailor a luxurious gift for your partner by making up your own special gift basket to celebrate the anniversary. Here are some suggestions for contents:

Food baskets - There are so many different delicious treats to include in a gift basket that would be ideal for anyone with gourmet tastes. Tasty chocolates, rare cheeses, gorgeous cakes or special wines would all be very appropriate.

A chill-out basket - Help your loved one to relax by providing them with a basket packed with bath salts, relaxing massage oils, scented candles, or even a spa voucher that they can cash in for a treatment.

A hot drinks basket - If your loved one has a passion for tea or coffee, you can make up a hamper of unusual coffees and different varieties of tea.

Sweets and chocolates - Source gourmet chocolates and exciting sweets that will delight any partner with a sweet tooth.

Date night - Pack a basket with all the necessary ingredients to rustle up a special romantic dinner for two. Include a favourite DVD, some candles to give a romantic glow, some tasty snacks for during the movie and then perhaps a bottle of scented bubble bath for afterwards. This is a really unique present and your partner is sure to love it.

You are best placed to know the likes and dislikes of the recipient, so it should be a breeze to put together a basket perfectly suited to them. They are sure to love such a thoughtful token of appreciation and will value the time and effort put into creating something so unique.

For a further range of ideas for the special day, you can read our article on Romantic Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary.