Silver-Dipped Rose and Vase Set. Window Box

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  • Real rose dipped in pure silver, combined with an ornate silver-dipped cast brass vase.
  • Presented in a stylish display case made with high-quality PU leather and velvet interior.
  • The case has a toughened glass viewing window built into the lid.
  • The Millesimal fineness of silver plating = 999.
  • Bright and radiant mirror finish.
  • Makes a brilliant Silver Wedding Anniversary gift.
  • Presented with a double-sided authenticity certificate.
  • An iconic symbol of love that will last a lifetime.
  • Fast delivery. All orders are rapidly processed and sent free of charge by express shipping.
  • A unique and outstanding presentation of the world's most recognizable symbol of love.


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  • A genuine rose, hand-picked at its point of perfection, combined with a silver-dipped cast brass vase.
  • Both items dipped in pure certified silver.
  • Complete with a high-quality leather presentation case and navy blue velvet interior. Interior has recessed rose and vase channels.
  • Radiant and luxurious mirror finish.
  • Rose measures 29cm approximately. Vase is 15cm tall
  • Weighty and sturdy.
  • Each item is a unique work of art that is a stunning symbol of long-lasting friendship, beauty and love.


During the history of man, there has been one iconic symbol of passion, beauty and love - the rose. As silver and roses have been lovingly represented in literature and art for generations, The Eternity Rose has now artistically combined these enduring symbols into a stylish and magnificent gift that lasts forever.

The lady in your life will love to receive a stunning Eternity Rose for any occasion. Whether she is celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day, you can show your loved one how much you care by presenting her with this gorgeous and thoughtful token of appreciation. Mom may even love an Eternity Rose for Mother's Day. For any lady celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary, a silver-dipped rose & vase set makes a particularly appropriate and impressive present. Any woman is sure to be amazed by such a uniquely artistic gift that is a perfect combination of floral beauty with the lavish majesty of an ornament.

There is no stronger symbol of love than the single rose blossom. The Eternity Rose's aim is to develop this love symbol into a meaningful art piece that can be displayed in pride of place for a lifetime as an eternal testament to love.

We grow all of the roses that we use for our silver-dipped flowers in our very own nursery, carefully tended to by qualified horticulturalists to ensure that our roses are only the very best available. We spare no expense to grow the finest and most beautiful roses in the world, and as each begins to open, they are selected with care to begin the complex preservation process that will eternally capture their splendor.

Each rose undergoes a three-month long, 60-step process in order to produce the final product. We use our very own processes and formulae, beginning with several layers of copper to produce a texture-sensitive base layer that provides the best surface to receive the precious metal coating. After being sealed and layered with copper, we then electroplate it with nickel to give the rose's structure the necessary integrity to withstand plating with certified silver. During each step of the process, every rose is carefully inspected to ensure that it remains flawless, and that its plating quality and form are absolutely perfect. It is only once our rigorous quality control tests have been carried out that the rose finally moves onto the silver-dipping stage, which consists of dozens of very thin layers built up over the course of several weeks. The final result is a flower with a lustrous mirror finish and a brilliant appearance that can never corrode, but will retain its stunning elegance for literally thousands of years.

Amaze the love of your life with the gift of an Eternity Rose, and give them the luxurious token of esteem they deserve.