Pink Tight Bud Glazed Rose Trimmed with 24K Gold 12"

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  • A natural pink rose, picked before full boom, and then glazed and gold-trimmed.
  • Approximately 29cm in length.
  • The rose is exquisitely presented in a leather bound display case, internally lined with navy-blue velvet.
  • The rose has a lustrous finish and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • A classic symbol of love and natural beauty. Each rose is crafted by hand and unique. They are designed to last for an eternity.
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As part of our Eternity Rose collection, we present this gorgeous work of art which has been created by electroplating a natural pink rose with 24 karat gold, and then covering the leaves and petals in a permanent and radiant glaze.

Each rose is crafted by hand and is truly unique, featuring 24 karat gold embossed on its petals, stem and leaf edges. The rose is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, verifying that each item is an individually designed and genuine piece of art, coated in genuine 24k gold.

Gold has long been recognized as a symbol of love, while the rose is immortalized in history as a classic symbol of romance and beauty. Now, these famous symbols are combined in a stunning gift - The Eternity Rose, that will forever take pride of place in the recipient’s display cabinet.

Give the gift of The Eternity Rose to that special woman in your life to commemorate her birthday, an anniversary, Mother's Day, Valentine’s day, or just to show her how much you care. You will definitely show her how truly appreciated she is.

This unique and impressive gift speaks volumes, representing in its own way, deep sentiment and affection. It beautifully combines the stylish elegance of the rose with the ornate majesty of a hand crafted ornament. We typically recommend the rose is left in its display case rather than a vase, as the navy-blue velvet and leather surrounds show off the piece to its best advantage.

Nothing shows your love quite like a single rose. The Eternity Rose now takes this concept, and intricately works it into a creative and luxurious piece of art that will last for a lifetime.

The flowers used to create each Eternity Rose have been grown by qualified horticulturists in our very own nursery, and have been specially selected because of their natural beauty and color. Constantly tended to, to ensure that they thrive, each blossom is picked at a precise time, and is immediately glazed to make certain that its natural perfection is captured forever.

The time-span from picking the finest rose to achieving the finished product is around three months, with each flower completing a 60-step process to produce a piece of art that has been expertly crafted.

Show your loved one how precious she is by giving her the wonderful gift of The Eternity Rose; as beautiful as herself and as long lasting as your love.