Every lady longs for romance and almost every man finds it difficult to know the best way to give it to her. Every relationship is full of these tricky moments and challenging situations. She longs for subtlety yet demands complete clarity. She craves passion and yet does not want a needy partner who shows off. She expects you to tread the fine tightrope between expressing desire while maintaining restraint, and showing her your appreciation while giving her the freedom to make the final move.

Romance is the defining way to win at the game of love, and the Eternity Rose is the trump card.

A single, perfect rose has long been the symbol of love and true romance. Hinting at more to come, and promising a bountiful splendour of beauty, it is small wonder that a flawless rose is seen as a token of perfect love.

However gorgeous a single rose might be, why not step up the romance even more by coating its natural splendour with a layer of 24 karat gold?

A rose by any other name.....

You may win yourself a few brownie points from your partner if you splash out on a bouquet of fresh roses, but to win some serious kudos, you need to choose a gift that is longer lasting. Choosing an Eternity Rose, frozen in its perfection at the very moment that it was picked at the height of its natural beauty, is a unique and memorable way to reveal your depths of feeling - not just at this very moment, but for the future of your lives together. As a rose's bloom reflects romantic promise, this crafted masterpiece remains a testament to your feelings for a lifetime.

There are many copies of the Eternity Rose out there, but none can truly capture nature's splendour like the original. With the highest quality and superior beauty, the Eternity Rose offers the promise of romance with every individually created blossom. It is well worth paying a little more in order to secure the genuine article, as you will definitely notice the difference. The gold-dipped Eternity Rose will be displayed for a long time and you want to be sure that it will always remain as splendid as the day it was received, and as perfect as the love that it was designed to represent.

Each premium rose is grown in a glasshouse environment, carefully tended until it reaches its peak perfection. Only the finest blossoms are selected to be dipped in gold, platinum or silver, or glazed to preserve their natural colour and beauty, ensuring that your gift will never fade or tarnish over time, and will always represent the ultimate in luxury and romance, creating a subtle yet striking gesture of love.

The gift that just keeps giving

It is so easy to give your girlfriend an ordinary gift that is quickly cast aside or forgotten. Can you even remember the last thing that you purchased for her? Can she remember every detail of that moment when you presented it to her? Does she still treasure that gift to this day and call you to mind every time she looks at it? Is it a true reflection of the special bond between you?

Make sure that the next gift you buy makes you answer "yes" to all those questions when you invest in an Eternity Rose for the one you love. As enduring as the lustrous gift itself is the romantic gesture that gives this special token of adoration.

An Eternity Rose will bloom on forever, long after other flowers have been consigned to the bin, so set the tone for your future together by making this the next gift that you give her. It never fails to impress and will reveal the perfect nature of your partnership.

Give your girlfriend the gift of romance

No matter what the occasion, it is always a good time to give an Eternity Rose to the love of your life. Whether commemorating a birthday, Valentine's Day, or simply because it is the right time to express your affection, this gift will only serve to strengthen your love.

Each Eternity Rose is delivered in its own beautifully crafted leather box and is either dipped in pure 24 karat gold, silver or platinum, or is glazed in a variety of colours and gold-trimmed. Show your girlfriend that she is as uniquely beautiful to you as this individually crafted masterpiece of art when you let her know how much she is loved, appreciated and desired with this outstanding present.

An Eternity Rose speaks a thousand words.