Gift Ideas For The 9th Wedding Anniversary

Here are some themes, colours and gift ideas which can be mixed and matched to make a fantastic and meaningful gift that will be truly appreciated on the 9th wedding anniversary.

Traditional Theme for 9th Anniversary Gifts

In the UK, copper is traditionally associated with the ninth year of marriage, its beauty and malleability symbolising the way a married couple can bend to accommodate each other after nine long years. As it can conduct heat and electricity well, it also represents the warmth and passion of the happy pair.

Pottery classIn the United States, pottery and willow are the two traditional symbols of nine years of marriage. The willow is a flexible tree, symbolising a couple's ability to work together in harmony. Pottery meanwhile represents the moulding and shaping of a relationship into something of beauty over time.

Modern Theme for 9th Anniversary Gifts: Leather

The theme of leather is the contemporary gift choice for the 9th anniversary, and its durability and strength perfectly reflects a long-standing marriage.

Colour: Terracotta

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Substitute Gemstone: Andalusite; Tiger Eye

Flower: The two flowers linked with the 9th wedding anniversary are the poppy and the bird of paradise. The poppy has a symbolism of imagination and oblivion, reflecting the peaceful contentment of nine-years together. The bird of paradise meanwhile represents paradise and splendour, and a promise of exciting future adventures, capturing perfectly the marital journey.

A rose is also often given on the occasion of the 9th anniversary, symbolising romance.

Traditional 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Copper house items (eg, vase, mugs, goblets, dishes, jug, bowls, candle holder, flower or plant pot, clock)

• Willow basket for picnics

• Pottery figurines or sculptures

• Pottery house items (eg, vase, dish, bowl, mugs, candle holder, jug, plant/flower pot)

• Enrol in a pottery course

• Copper figurine or sculpture

Modern 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Leather products (eg, passport-holder, briefcase, diary, photo album, wallet, handbag)

• Leather attire (eg, gloves, jacket, cap, belt, shoes)

• Lapis lazuli jewellery (eg, necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings)

• Andalusite or tiger eye jewellery as substitute gemstones linked to the 9th anniversary

• Bouquet of poppies or bird of paradise flowers

• Flower-themed gifts including the bird of paradise or poppy (eg, fragrant candles, art print, perfume, plant)