Gift Ideas For The 5th Wedding Anniversary

Find some interesting traditional gift suggestions here for your partner or for loved ones who are celebrating their 5th anniversary, or combine the themes to come up with a beautiful and much appreciated present that conveys a message of heartfelt sentiment.

Traditional Theme for 5th Anniversary Gifts: Wood

Wooden gift themeWith a meaning of strength and wisdom, wood represents the solidity of a five year-long marriage and shows the couple the depth of their understanding for each other.

Modern Theme for 5th Anniversary Gifts: Silverware

Modern couples may appreciate the contemporary theme of silverware, chosen for its symbolism of strength and purity. A gift of silverware also brings to mind the connection of the couple while sharing meals with each other and each other's families.

Colour: Pink; Blue; Turquoise

Gemstone: Sapphire

Substitute Gemstone: Turquoise; Rose Quartz; Pink Tourmaline

Flower: The daisy, with its meaning of purity and loyalty, is the flower linked with five years of marriage.

Giving a pink, blue or silver rose would be an appropriate alternative, in connection with the colour themes of the 5th wedding anniversary.

Traditional 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Romantic gifts of wood for her (for example, music box, jewellery box)

• Wooden house items (eg, bowls, salad set, wine rack, placemats, basket, bookends)

• Wooden furniture

• Wooden chess gift-set

• Art-print of trees

• Wooden sculpture

• Wooden puzzle

Modern 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Silver jewellery (eg, bracelet, necklace, earrings, ring)

• Silverware (eg, bowls, plates, goblets, candle holder, cutlery, tea set, wine bucket)

• Sapphire jewellery

• Pink tourmaline, rose quartz or turquoise jewellery as substitute gemstones linked to the 5th anniversary year)

Dark-Blue Eternity Rose or Light-Blue Eternity Rose (symbolising the colour blue linked to the 5th anniversary)

• Daisy-themed gifts (eg, fragrant candles, art print, perfume, plant)

• Silver photo frame

Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose (symbolising the modern silverware theme linked to the 5th wedding anniversary)

• Bunch of daisies

Pink Eternity Rose (symbolising the colour pink linked to 5th wedding anniversary)


Watch our video of the Pink Glazed Eternity Rose