Gift Ideas For The 55th Wedding Anniversary

When a marriage lasts for 55 years, the couple deserve praise and celebration, marked by the giving of a truly special and heartfelt gift. Combine these themes and ideas to generate a unique and wonderful present that the recipients will appreciate forever.

Modern Theme for 55th Anniversary Gifts: Emerald

Emerald anniversaryThe emerald is the modern 55th anniversary material, with two symbolic meanings. Emeralds have long been thought to represent genuine love, and some say that they even change shade if a partner is unfaithful. Giving a gift associated with emeralds to a couple celebrating their 55th anniversary therefore represents devotion, loyalty and adoration.

The green hue of emeralds is also thought to reflect spring and natural rebirth, with a possibility of boosting creativity and opening the way to exciting new possibilities. Therefore, even after 55 years of marriage, a couple can endeavour to pursue new experiences together as they continue the life journey together.

Colour: Emerald-Green

Gemstone: Alexandrite

Substitute Gemstone: Emerald

Flower: The calla lily is the floral symbol of the 55th anniversary, with its Christian traditional meaning of faith, purity and chastity. It has also been linked in Roman legend with lust and sexuality. The calla lily given for the 55th wedding anniversary therefore carries a message of fidelity and desire within the marriage.

A green rose is also a perfect 55th wedding anniversary token, in connection with the colour theme.

Modern 55th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Jewellery containing an emerald(s) (eg, pendant, necklace, bracelet, ring)

Dark-Green Eternity Rose or Light-Green Eternity Rose (symbolising the emerald and green themes linked to the 55th anniversary)

• Fresh bunch of calla lilies

• Calla lily-associated gifts (eg, fragrant candles, art print, perfume, plant)

• Alexandrite jewellery


Take a look at our video of the natural Dark-Green Glazed Eternity Rose