Gift Ideas For The 30th Wedding Anniversary

The 30th year of marriage is traditionally marked as a major milestone, and there are a few themes linked with this anniversary. Feel free to combine any ideas to make a memorable and heartfelt token of appreciation that will delight your partner or loved ones at this special time.

Traditional Theme for 30th Anniversary Gifts: Pearl

Pearl anniversaryThe pearl, with meanings of purity, honesty and wisdom, is the traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift.

Modern Theme for 30th Anniversary Gifts: Diamond

The modern present idea for this anniversary is diamond, which represents lasting durability and strength, as well as the ongoing fire of love in the hearts of any long married pair.

Colour: Green

Gemstone: Jade; Diamond

Flower: The lily is one of the flowers linked with 30 years of marriage, representing the commitment of two people who have survived the ups and downs of 30 years together through its meaning of devotion, honour and purity of heart. The sweet pea is an alternative, signifying lasting pleasure and bliss.

Sometimes, a green rose is substituted, in connection with the colour theme of the 30th wedding anniversary.

Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Jewellery containing a pearl(s) (eg, necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings)

Modern 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Fresh bunch of sweet peas or lilies

• Diamond jewellery

Dark-Green Eternity Rose or Light-Green Eternity Rose (symbolising the colour green linked to the 30th anniversary)

• Jade jewellery as a substitute gemstone linked to the 30th anniversary

• Flower-themed gifts including the sweet pea or lily (eg, fragrant candles, art print, perfume, plant)


Below is a video of the lovely Light-Green Glazed Eternity Rose