Gift Ideas For The 2nd Wedding Anniversary

There are several themes in relation to the 2nd wedding anniversary, although there is no need to feel bound to use any of the recognised traditions. A gift for this anniversary year can combine any or all of the themes to make the ideal present for the 2nd anniversary.

Cotton bag for 2nd anniversaryTraditional Theme for 2nd Anniversary Gifts: Cotton

The durability and flexibility of the material cotton is what makes it the perfect theme for the second wedding anniversary, reminding the couple of their need to stay strong just like the fibres of cotton, interwoven with each other. This represents a couple becoming ever closer through their marriage as time goes on.

Modern Theme for 2nd Anniversary Gifts: China

The modern theme for gifts on the second year of marriage is china, elegant and stylish just like married love. It is also important for the recipients to note however that china can easily be damaged because of its fragility, just like a marriage, so care is paramount.

Colour: Red

Gemstone: Garnet

Substitute Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Flower: The cosmos and the lily of the valley are the two flowers linked with two years of marriage. The cosmos represents peacefulness and modesty in its ornamental beauty. The lily of the valley is a wonderful floral gift to capture the purity, sweetness and trustworthiness required in a successful marriage.

A red rose, alternatively, would be a beautiful second anniversary gift, in connection with the colour theme of the 2nd wedding anniversary.

Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Canvas bag

• Cotton clothing and accessories (eg, gloves, socks, handkerchiefs, tee-shirts)

• Egyptian cotton pillowcases and sheets

• Cotton napkins, place mats or table cloth

• Plush cotton towels

• Cotton bathrobes

Modern 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Flower-themed gifts including the lily of the valley or cosmos (eg, fragrant candles, art print, perfume, plant)

• China house items (eg, mugs, vase, bowls, plates, jug, plant/flower pot, candle holders)

Red Eternity Rose or Dark-Red Eternity Rose (symbolising the colour red linked to the 2nd anniversary)

• China sculpture or figurine

• Garnet jewellery (eg, bracelet, earrings, necklace, ring)

• Bunch of flowers (lily of the valley or cosmos)

• Rose quartz jewellery as a substitute gemstone linked to 2nd wedding anniversary


View our video of the gorgeous Red Glazed Eternity Rose