Gift Ideas For The 28th Wedding Anniversary

There are several gift themes linked with the 28th year of marriage, so feel free to mix and match in order to come up with a special present for your partner or loved ones on this special anniversary.

Modern Theme for 28th Anniversary Gifts: Orchids

28 years of marriage is represented by the modern gift suggestion of orchids, one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers. With several meanings including lasting friendship, perfection, and ‘many children’, they are an appropriate anniversary token.

OrchidsColour: Lavender

Gemstone: * Orchid Tourmaline; Amethyst

* There is no gemstone specifically listed for the 28th anniversary by the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association). The above nominated gemstones were obtained from alternate sources, so should be treated as substitute options for a gift theme. 

Flower: Orchid

Modern 28th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Bunch of orchids

• Orchid-shaped or fragrant candles

• Orchid art print

• Orchid designed jewellery (eg, necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings)

• Orchid stationery

• Orchid paperweight

• Book on orchids

• Amethyst or orchid tourmaline jewellery as substitute gemstone options linked to the 28th anniversary