Gift Ideas For The 23rd Wedding Anniversary

On the 23rd anniversary, feel free to come up with a gift that your loved ones will cherish. There are some themes linked with this year of marriage that you will find here.

Silverware gift ideaModern Theme for 23rd Anniversary Gifts: Silver Plate

The modern theme on the 23rd year of marriage is silver plate, its clarity and clearness of appearance embodying the persistence and strength required to make a marriage last successfully for 23 years.

Colour: Silver

Gemstone: Imperial Topaz

Substitute Gemstone: Sapphire

Flower: Nil

Modern 23rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Silver jewellery (eg, necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings)

• Silverware (eg, bowls, plates, goblets, cutlery, tea set, wine bucket, candle holder)

• Silver keyring

• Imperial topaz jewellery

• Sapphire jewellery as a substitute gemstone linked to the 23rd anniversary

 • Silver photo frame

• Silver paperweight

Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose (symbolising the modern gift theme of silver linked to the 23rd anniversary, and enduring love)

Take a moment to view this video that displays our natural Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose