Gift Ideas For The 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Surprise your partner or loved ones on the 22nd anniversary with an exciting and appropriate gift. Choose from any ideas and themes to come up with a beautiful present that the person or couple are sure to love.

Copper mugs for the 22nd anniversaryModern Theme for 22nd Anniversary Gifts: Copper

The theme linked with the 22nd anniversary is copper, with its symbolism of beauty, strength and wealth. As it is malleable, so it represents the nature of a two people  within marriage to accommodate each other's needs.

Colour: Green

Gemstone: Spinel

Flower: Nil

Modern 22nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Copper house items (eg, vase, mugs, goblets, dishes, bowls, jug, clock, candle holder, flower or plant pot)

• Spinel jewellery (eg, necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings)

• Copper figurine or sculpture