Gift Ideas For The 1st Wedding Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary has several themes and symbols associated with it, although gift givers should realise there aren’t particular rules governing what should and should not be given to one’s partner or happy couple on this special occasion. Colours, themes and items can be mixed and matched to form a present that not only is sure to be appreciated by the recipients, but will also send a personal message of heartfelt love.

Traditional Theme for 1st Anniversary Gifts: Paper

Clock and paper themePaper is customarily associated with the first anniversary as it has two main qualities which are considered to be relevant to this marital year.

Firstly, paper signifies a blank page on which a couple can begin to write the story of their life together, and points towards a long and happy future together.

Secondly, paper is easily damaged, symbolising the fragile nature of marriage, and encouraging couples to be aware of the challenging nature of the ups and downs of married life. A paper gift represents the trust, good communication and loyalty that a couple must demonstrate to each other in order to weather the storms of their relationship successfully.

Modern Theme for 1st Anniversary Gifts: Clocks

The modern gift for the first anniversary is a clock, symbolising the timeless nature of love.

Colour: Gold; Yellow

Gemstone: Gold Jewellery (nil specific stone)

Substitute Gemstone: Pearl; Peridot

Flower: There are several floral themes for this anniversary year - carnations, representing passionate love; pansies, representing thoughtfulness; and orange blossom with its symbolism of fertility and purity.  

A gold or yellow rose in connection with the 1st anniversary colour themes would also make an excellent substitute to mark this occasion.

Traditional 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Stationery

• Calendar

• Magazine subscription

• Postcards

• Jigsaw puzzle

• Book

• Tickets (eg, to attend the theatre, movies, musical event, sporting game etc.)

• Road map outlining a route to somewhere special the couple could travel to together

• Paperweight

• Art print

• Sheet of music (eg, a favourite love song)

Modern 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Wall clock

• Wrist watch

• Alarm clock

• Kitchen timer

• Egg timer

• Gold jewellery (eg, bracelet, earrings, necklace, ring)

• Pearl or peridot jewellery as substitute gemstones linked to the 1st anniversary

Yellow Eternity Rose (symbolising the colour yellow linked to the 1st anniversary)

• Bouquet of pansies, carnations or orange blossoms

• Antique clock

• Outdoor sundial

Gold-Dipped Eternity Rose (symbolising the gold jewellery and gold colour themes linked to the 1st anniversary)

• Flower-themed gifts including the orange blossom, pansy or carnation (eg, fragrant candles, art print, perfume, plant)


Here we present our video of the Yellow Glazed Eternity Rose