Gift Ideas For The 18th Wedding Anniversary

The 18th anniversary is another important occasion that has been associated with traditional ideas. Provided below are some popular gift suggestions for your inspiration. You can mix the range of themes, colours and items to come up with a gift that someone you love will truly appreciate.

Romantic porcelain gift ideaModern Theme for 18th Anniversary Gifts: Porcelain

Exquisite, fine, elegant and delicate are the properties to describe porcelain. These properties also signify the rarity of marriage which has lasted 18 years. Two people who have successfully reached this milestone have evidently taken care of each other to safe-guard the relationship from breaking down, in such a way that porcelain must also be handled carefully to protect it from breaking.

Colour: Blue

Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

Substitute Gemstone: Aquamarine; Opal

Flower: Nil

Modern 18th Anniversary Gift Ideas

• Cat’s eye jewellery (eg, necklace, ring, pendant, bracelet)

• Porcelain house items (eg, vase, serving platter, mugs, jug, candle holder)

• Aquamarine or opal jewellery as substitute gemstones linked to the 18th anniversary

• Porcelain figurine or sculpture