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Yes Mother's Day will be upon us shortly, and the pressure builds get dear Mom that perfect gift. The challenge is to find something that Mom doesn't already have, has a bit of tasteful bling, and says how much you really do love her. It can be difficult. So 50% of Moms wind up with flowers on Mother's Day, and those flowers wind up in the bin a week later.

Well we have the perfect solution for you - The Eternity Rose. Mother's love roses, and when you combine them with gold of the highest purity, you have a knockout present for Mom. Presented in a simply beautiful leather and velvet presentation case, The Eternity Rose will invariably find its way to a display cabinet in Moms lounge room, reminding her of her wonderful child.

So go ahead and spoil Mom this Mother's Day with the most beautiful and cherished gift Mom could ever hope for.

premium gold

Premium Quality Gold dipped rose!

We guarantee our gold is the purest 24 Karat stock available in the world.