White Matched Set in 24k Gold Heart Theme. Rose, Pendant & Earrings

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•  A beautiful and romantic gift set which comprises a stylish white glazed rose with intricate 24 karat gold edging together with a set of white miniature rose petal earrings and pendant.

•  The pendant is heart-shaped.

•  The jewellery items are all encrusted with radiant synthetic diamonds.

•  A high quality leather case for displaying the rose is included, and a sleek velvet pouch is enclosed to securely hold the jewellery items.

•  An authenticity certificate is supplied for both jewellery and rose.

•  A lifetime guarantee supports the intricate detailing of these products.



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A 24 karat gold heart-themed matching set which comprises:

A real white rose, measuring approximately 11.5", glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold, and adorned with gold glazed lattice leaves.

A pendant formed from real natural miniature white rose petals which have been trimmed with 24 karat gold. The pendant comes complete with its own matching 24 karat gold-dipped chain. The pendant measures 3/4" in width and is formed in a heart design with synthetic diamond detailing. In total, the pendant dimensions are 0.9” by 1.2".

A pair of gorgeous miniature rose head drop earrings that feature a synthetic diamond-encrusted ring. The white miniature rose petals are beautifully glazed and trimmed in 24 karat gold, and the drop measures 1.7".

A luxurious velvet-lined prestigious leather case is provided to display the rose, while the jewellery can be securely stored in an elegant velvet pouch with gold braid drawstring detailing.

The detailing on these jewellery items is exquisite, with the process to gold-trim and glaze each piece taking three months from start to finish. 60 complex steps must be followed in order to produce an exclusive art piece.

Every matching set comes with its own certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing the high quality of each Eternity Rose product. Produced to the highest standards in Europe, many of The Eternity Rose's items have been granted awards for their design and quality, and every piece is subject to rigorous quality-control testing.

No expense has been spared on producing this matching set of the highest standard, so you can be sure that any recipient who treasures the beauty of natural roses and the luxury of fine jewellery will truly cherish this magnificent gift.