24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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•  A set of poker-playing cards, suitable for playing purposes, dipped in pure 24 karat gold.

•  Each deck is manufactured to tournament-quality standard.

•  These card decks can be seen in use in high-rolling casinos all over the world.

•  Each deck is presented in its own stylish cherrywood case, with the package measuring 6.3" in length, 4.7" in width and 1.8" in height.

•  Each set comes complete with a certificate to validate its authenticity.



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This stylish 24 karat gold-dipped poker card set comprises an entire deck of 54 tournament-grade playing cards including 2 jokers. Regularly found in use all over the world in the highest class casinos, these cards are durable enough to use in any poker tournament.

Thanks to the stunning 24 karat gold-plating, these cards make a magnificent gift for any poker enthusiast.

Ideal for use on poker-playing night, or simply for display in pride of place, there is no better way to make an impression than with these superb cards. Each deck comes supplied with an elegant cherrywood box featuring a luxurious green velvet lining, representing a gorgeous gift for any person who is serious about their card games.