Playable Golf Ball & Tee Set 24 Karat Gold-Dipped

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  • A high quality, playable golf ball and tee, dipped in the purest 24 karat gold.
  • Using a unique patented process, each golf ball retains its playability and remains durable.
  • Unbelievably, these gold-plated golf balls are the rival of any traditional golf ball when it comes to flying straight and long.
  • Perfect for placing on display or mounting.


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This beautiful gift set comprises a premium standard long-range golf ball paired with a matching tee that have both been dipped in The Eternity Rose's patented 24 karat gold and polymer mixture.

The 24 karat gold-plated golf ball retains remarkable control, long-lasting durability and the capacity to fly straight, true thanks to the special formula.

It is guaranteed that every single gold-dipped golf ball will be equally playable as any standard golf ball so that there will be no downfall in your playing standards.

Should you prefer to display your gold-dipped golf ball and tee, this is also perfectly possible.

Each gold-plated golf ball and tee is presented inside a small gift box inside a sleek black velvet pouch, making it the ideal gift for any keen golfer to be presented on any occasion.

There is also available a display-only 24 karat gold-plated golf ball and tee set which is ideal for displaying in a trophy cabinet or on a desktop.