Need a romantic gift for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day? Considering the gift of jewellery? Before you buy, make sure your relationship is at the right stage with this guide!

Over £1bn is spent on Valentine's Day in the United Kingdom. How much of that is spent wisely? It's so easy to get this delicate decision wrong.

Need a romantic gift for your girlfriend? Considering the gift of jewellery? Before you buy, make sure your relationship is at the right stage with this guide!

Choosing a Romantic Gift for Your Girlfriend

Whether you are coolly confident or overwhelmed with anxieties, choosing a romantic present is a challenge. You want it to please her, even touch her.

The problem is, it's easy to come on too strong. Is she, or for that matter are you, ready for the full-on romance? Alternatively, could you mess things up if your gift doesn't make her feel special enough?

Underplaying it could say to her that you're not serious when actually you think that she could be "the one" for you.

The other problem is that buying jewellery seems to be fraught with problems. Imagine taking hours over the choice of the right earrings. Do you go for the silver earrings with the opals or plain ones?

In the end, you choose opals only to find out that she has an allergic reaction to silver. Apparently, she once told you she had this allergy.

Were you listening? And how come you've never noticed that she doesn't wear silver?

All of these concerns can be overcome with some simple guidance. Jewellery is almost always a wonderful gift, but it's important to get the right jewellery at the right time.

Valentine's Day

The annual festival of romance, St. Valentine's Day, is the perfect opportunity to send a message of love. Every year on the 14th February, cards and gifts are sent between lovers.

The original St. Valentine was a Catholic priest in the time of the Roman Emperor, Claudius II. He married Roman soldiers to their Christian brides, contravening the strict laws against these relationships.

St. Valentine was executed for this crime but not before miraculously curing his jailor's daughter of her blindness. His last act was to send her a note signed from, "Your Valentine".

After 200 years the Catholic church declared Valentine a saint and set his feast day as the 14th February.

Chaucer later linked St. Valentine with romantic love. Sending messages of love and gifts became a feature of courting thereafter.

In modern times, Valentine's Day is celebrated in almost all countries in one form or another.

Valentine's cards and flowers are big business, but the tradition has also seen further developments.

Restaurants offer themed Valentine's Day dinners, hotels offer the opportunity to celebrate your love in an exotic location, and giving a romantic gift is also very popular.

It's also very popular to propose on Valentine's Day.

In fact, over 15,000 couples make Valentine's Day an even more romantic occasion by making it the day they get engaged to be married.

That, of course, has its own jewellery buying challenges.

Early Days

If your relationship is still in its early days, you'll want to strike the right note with any gift.

Perhaps you're feeling good about the relationship and you hope that things will get even better. You don't want to seem overly flashy, but you definitely don't want to appear cheap.

The best policy is to keep it simple. You may not know her well enough to know all her jewellery loves and hates. Study what she wears and take your cues from that.

If she wears a charm bracelet, perhaps a charm to add to it will be a safe, yet personal gift.

A bracelet can be a safe option while still being a personal item. It doesn't have the intimacy of earrings or a necklace, but it's still a wonderful personal item.

Developing Love

As your relationship develops, you also learn more about your partner's tastes and preferences.

Perhaps she has always loved gold but never had the opportunity to acquire any gold jewellery. Alternatively, she may not like overtly romantic hearts and flowers.

Choosing something appropriate is also about showing that you care enough to get to know her.

If she loves roses and gold, giving her something that reflects her personal tastes says, that who she is, matters to you.

As the relationship deepens, if you can afford more, spend a little more.

A set of diamond stud earrings or a gold pendant set with her favourite gem say that this relationship is developing.

An item of jewellery that lies on her neck or on the lobe of her ear may also symbolise the locations of an intimate and even arousing kiss.

This is the kind of statement that is appropriate when the relationship has gone well beyond a brief romance.

True Love

Once the relationship is more than just going steady, you may wish to consider a ring. Not a diamond ring, but a ring nonetheless.

Your relationship has to be mature enough for you to be able to secretly find out her ring size. If you can take along one of her rings to a jeweller for sizing without being accused of theft if discovered, do that.

Otherwise, measure the inside of one of her rings using a slip of paper. Be careful to choose a ring that will fit the actual finger you have in mind. For example, the middle finger may be wider than the 4th finger.

You may discover what stones she likes in conversation, but sometimes a little window shopping can help. Her birthstone or a stone that goes well with her eyes could be good options too.

Diamond Rings

Diamonds make wonderful stones for jewellery. But there is a need to be cautious because you don't want to cause any unwarranted confusion when giving your love her gift.

Unless you are intending to pop the question, a diamond ring can be a disappointment.

Diamonds are so closely associated with engagement rings that a diamond ring will prompt the question, "Is this a proposal?"

If ithis is your intention, that's fine. If not, you have some serious negotiating to do.

Romantic Jewellery

Choosing a romantic gift for your girlfriend need not be a worry. Follow this simple guide. You'll love her smiles when you give the perfect gift of jewellery.

For more help to make the most of Valentine's Day, try this guide.