Don't give the woman you love the same old gift for her birthday this year. We've complied a list of unique birthday gifts for her bound to make memories.

Don't give the woman you love the same old gift for her birthday this year. We've compiled a list of unique birthday gifts for her bound to make memories.

These ideas speak to many different love languages, so be sure to tailor your birthday plans to her needs and wants.

Even the most romantic gestures can miss the mark if you're ignoring her tastes and preferences!

That being said, remember that birthdays don't have to break the bank.

Many of these ideas are cheap or even completely free.

If you're ready to spoil her, make a spectacle of your love by pairing a beautiful token of your affection with one of these creative approaches.

Ready to start planning? Let's get started.

Make her a playlist

You've probably heard this tip before or tried it for yourself: Make a mix CD.

A modern upgrade to the standard mix CD, making a playlist on Spotify or 8tracks lets her listen to your creation wherever she wants.

It also allows you get a bit more creative with giving music as a gift.

Does she work out or have long commutes? Make a soundtrack for one of her daily activities.

You could also make a "throwback" playlists to songs she loved when she was younger. 

There are so many ways to make this gift without spending a dime and you can pair it with any of our other unique birthday gifts for her to really stand out.

Spell it out

You already know that writing a heartfelt love letter is a great way to express your affection on a special day.

Why not try mixing it up by hiding a note in her purse, leaving sweet or funny post it notes around the house or even mailing her a letter to her office?

For the advanced writers out there, buy a nice pocket-sized notebook and fill the pages with thoughtful words about your relationship.

If you're not particularly inclined to writing, there is no shame in handwriting a love poem or quotes from her favourite book--as long as you give credit where credit is due.

Dollar store shopping spree

Go to a $1 store and pick out the silliest toys, boxes of candy or cheesy party favours.

You can do this activity with the birthday girl and make it into a scavenger hunt or race.

This could also be your secret weapon for a huge basket of goodies, that doesn't break the bank.

Besides candy and toys, you can also find surprising treasures here like glassware or craft supplies that can speak directly to your partner's interests. 

The best part about this idea is that you get more stuff for less money, which can definitely be fun and creative.

For example: why not get her a token for every year that she's been alive? 

Use your hometown advantage

This is especially useful for couples who may have been together for a long time and have a pretty set routine, or who have let "date night" fade into a memory.

Take a look at local sites such as the newspaper, local chamber of commerce, etc. for listings of local events in your area.

You'd be surprised to see how much is happening right under your nose or in your backyard!

Find an event like an outdoor concert, art show or festival and make plans for a big birthday outing.

You can even invite friends to join you and make it a party--without having to host it at your house.

If the event is going to be after her birthday, make a handwritten invitation that tells her the details of the event so she can have something to look forward to.

Take one of her usual chores

We all have that one chore we particularly dread or the one project around the house that keeps getting put off until later.

A great birthday surprise for your partner is taking one of these dreaded to-do list items off her plate, especially if you can surprise her with the results!

Whether it's doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom or even assembling some long forgotten furniture, your help will go a long way to show you care and want her to focus on enjoying her special day.

Even if you don't live with your partner, there are many ways you can help her out.

You can wash her car, get the oil changed or run that errand she keeps putting off because of her busy schedule.

Pay attention to the little stressors that she mentions leading up to her birthday and keep your eye out for how you can help take one of them off her shoulders.

Plan a "staycation"

Sometimes work schedule and budgets don't allow for a full-fledged birthday vacation, as much as you might dream of treating her to something like that.

Not to worry! You can still "get away" without going too far from home.

Take a peek at your surroundings and see what's within a couple hours' drive.

Does the next town over have a new craft beer joint she'd like to check out?

Could you be at the beach or another natural landmark before lunch time?

If you don't have any points of interests within a quick drive, check out Airbnb or Groupon for cheap stays within your city limits.

Even a one night change of scenery can make your hometown seem a bit more exciting!

Get her a gift that keeps on giving

You know those flowers won't last more than a week, right?

Consider the longevity of your token as a symbol of your relationship's future.

Pick a treasure that's both jaw-droppingly beautiful and eternal, like our Eternity Rose.

When all else fails, add some candles

You can add romance and drama to even the most cliche of birthday gestures (homemade dinner and movie marathon, for instance) with some candles.

Aromatherapy bath and a foot rub? Add candles.

Picnic in the backyard? Add candles.

Serenading her with a song you wrote? Light some candles!

It's an easy way to make any birthday moment feel just a little bit more magical and special.

If you're able to get real candles and not just tea lights (although those are a great solution for people on a budget!), the candles turn in to part of the gift as well. 

The most unique birthday gifts for her are the ones from the heart

Just make it thoughtful.

What women want most on their birthdays is to feel special.

You have a special place in her heart already, so it should be very easy to impress her with your kindness!

Even if you're able to get her an awe-inspiring gift, make sure to pair it with a thoughtful gesture and quality time spent together for a memory that will last a lifetime.