On the most romantic day of the year, it truly is the thought that counts. These thoughtful Valentine's Gifts are all about showing how much you truly care.

With 54.8% of the American population celebrating Valentine's Day and a whopping $19.7 billion spent on gifts in 2016, we can see how important this day is to couples everywhere. 

As one of the most romantic days of the year, you're able to show your loved one how much they really mean to you with a thoughtful gift.

However, along with this comes lots of pressure and stress to find the perfect gift. 

The traditional route of flowers and chocolates is always an option, but say this year you want to knock it out of the park.

Remember the time when Valentine's Day wasn't about generic products and rather gifts were personal to everyone?

Putting some creativity into your gift will show your loved one that you really pay attention and care about making them happy. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra thought.

If you're completely stuck, don't worry. Here are some thoughtful valentine's gifts that'll leave your girl in awe! 

These are the gifts she'll be telling everyone about for years to come.

The thoughtful valentine's gifts you need this year

Gift sets

Gift sets are great because they feature many different products in one. It's kind of like getting multiple presents on one occasion!

There are a variety of gift sets to choose from. You can get crafty and make your own or you can purchase a pre-made one in the store. 

Depending on what your significant other likes, you could purchase or create gift sets related to jewellery, beauty products, her favourite foods, things related to her favourite hobby, things related to her favourite colour or pattern, and much more. 

Unique Eternity Rose

It just sounds fancy and romantic, doesn't it? Eternity roses encompass a classic Valentine's Day gift with a unique gift your significant other will have forever all in one. 

Eternity roses are real roses that have been preserved and dipped in 24K gold. They are classic, timeless, and act as the perfect modern day romantic gift. 

Trust us when we say she'll be loving this gift for years to come!


What girl doesn't love jewellery? Say you're only a few months into a relationship with your girlfriend and aren't exactly sure what to get. Jewellery is your option!

You could get her a beautiful pendant necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, or even a gift set. Try to pay attention to the style of jewellery she likes with what she currently wears and go from there.  

Something she loves but you may not

One of the most thoughtful valentine's gifts to give your girlfriend or wife is something you know they love to do, but you do not. 

This will show much you care more than anything. 

Say your wife loves to go to the movies and you never want to go. Surprise your wife with some movie tickets and go spend the night with her. 

Things like this will mean more than you think. 

Something she's been talking about getting for a while

We've all been there. Your significant other comes home from the stores and can't stop talking about that dress she loved but didn't buy. 

Maybe because she didn't need it or she felt it was too expensive. Either way, this is something you know she's going to love.

She'll be ecstatic to realise she can stop thinking about that little black dress she never bought. 

Something that reminds her of a significant time in your relationship

Whether it be a first date, wedding, or honeymoon, give your significant other something that reminds them of old memories. 

This could be taking your girlfriend out to dinner at the place you first met, purchasing a record of your wedding song, or cooking the favourite meal you shared together on your honeymoon.

Whatever it may be, find the way to evoke this memory and reminisce on the days when you shared your closest moments together. 

Something to add to her wardrobe 

Girls love new things and especially when they can be added to the wardrobe. Clothes, shoes, and bags are the perfect thoughtful valentine's gifts because they require knowing her style preferences. 

By getting your girl her favourite designer shoes, this will show her you really pay attention and care about making her happy. 

You'll have to get her sizes and details beforehand, but this just means you went the extra mile for her. 

Spa services

Spa days are what girls live for. There's nothing better than a day full of relaxation and pampering. 

Plan a romantic couples spa getaway. This way you can get pampered and enjoy your time together simultaneously. 

If you're the couple who’s always busy and doesn't get to relax too often, a spa day will give you both a special chance to unwind. 

A homemade video, letter, or craft

If you're a crafty person and want to go the DIY route, a homemade gift is a great way to show your significant other how much you care. 

Say you have videos together and want to create a collage of memories, this will show your commitment and give you a gift to watch for years to come. 

You could also make her a scrapbook or write her a love letter. 

These ideas are all about creativity and less about the monetary value put on Valentine's Day. 

Personalised items 

So many things can be personalised in today's world. This could be something with her name on it, her favourite quote, or the date you got married. 

Think of the things that mean the most to your significant other and create something intimate to that idea. 

You could personalise a mug, a desk accessory for her office, a piece of jewellery, a decoration for your house, and much more. 

This route is very heartfelt and it'll have a meaning with your significant other forever. 

Win this Valentine's Day

We gave you the ideas, now it's time to think about what thoughtful valentine's gifts on this list will show your woman you care the most. 

You can ditch the stress and stop obsessing over getting an over-the-top gift. Remember, it doesn't have to be cliche or expensive.

It's the thought that counts.

If you take the time to think of something special and unique this Valentine's Day, you'll be winning on this special occasion.  

We say go for it.

Show her what you're capable of. Shock your girl and let her know she's someone you want to hold onto forever!

I would love to hear your comments or answer any questions you might have about this post.

Yours sincerely,   

Dr. Carissa Coulston, Clinical Psychologist

BSc(Hons), MPsychol(Clinical), PhD, MAPS