Coming up to your first Valentine's Day together as a couple? Here are some romantic and unique ideas to celebrate the day.

Reports show that 44% of couples celebrate Valentine's Day together with a special date night. While 38% of couples gift each other with Valentine's Day candy.

Celebrating your first Valentine’s Day as a couple is a big deal. Many couples do not get to this point, and it is a day worth celebrating.

One issue that many couples have is figuring out what to do for Valentine’s Day. There are many romantic gifts to choose from and special outings to do together.

Keep reading to find out how to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as a couple.

Give a Unique Gift

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with romantic gifts. Gifts are not just enjoyable in the moment, they are something that you can keep forever.

Unlike candy or cards, an actual gift can last a lifetime. This can be something that you can constantly look back on and appreciate every year.

One of the best gift options for your girlfriend is something that includes roses. Roses are the main flower that signifies love and is usually given on Valentine’s Day.

Preserved roses make a wonderful gesture that is not going to simply wilt away in a week. There are all kinds of rose gifts that you can give that she can enjoy for years.

Try to pick something special that she will like. You can even ask her friends and family what kind of gifts you should give her as her boyfriend.

Plan a Trip

If you want to make your first Valentine’s Day special, the best way to do this is with a trip. There is no better way to create memories than to go traveling together.

This may even be your first time away as a couple. A trip can include any kind of activities that the two of you enjoy doing together.

This could be a vacation to a tropical island if you have the budget for it. Or you could choose something more realistic like a journey to the coast or a special location.

You could also plan something a little bit more adventurous if the two of you enjoy that kind of thing. You could plan a road trip or even a hiking trip.

It is best to plan this time away with your partner instead of surprising them. You should only surprise them if you know without a doubt that they will enjoy the trip that you have planned.

Have a Staycation

If taking a trip together is not possible, there are other options. Enjoying a staycation can be just as enjoyable and memorable on Valentine’s Day.

A staycation is where you stay at home instead of taking a vacation. You take the time off work and simply enjoy each other’s company just like you would on a vacation.

This can be the perfect option for couples who both tend to be homebodies. It is also a great option if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford an actual trip.

A staycation can involve home-cooked meals that you enjoy together and movie nights. You can even crack open a bottle of wine that you have been saving for a special occasion.

This is also a great time to disconnect from the outside world and put down the phones for a few days. You can let your family and friends know that the two of you will be unavailable until a certain date.

This is a great way to set aside time for each other and celebrate your first Valentine’s Day. It is also easy to cater to whatever activities the two of you enjoy doing.

Recreate Your First Date

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day, re-creating your first date is a good option. You can re-create that first date that brought the two of you together.

This can be a fun way to rekindle all the memories and reminisce on meeting each other. It is easy to re-create this in the place where your first date was or re-create it at home.

You could even invite another couple along to enjoy this re-creation. A double date may not be for everyone, but close friends may enjoy this Valentine’s Day idea.

Go to a Fancy Restaurant

One of the most common ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day is going to a special restaurant. This is a classic option since good food and ambiance are always going to be romantic.

If you want to celebrate as a couple, picking a special restaurant can really make that day special. The two of you can get dressed up and go to a restaurant that you have been interested in.

Doing this creates a very special night that is going to be memorable. You can also plan different activities after going out to eat to make the day even more special.

Many couples turn this into their Valentine’s Day ritual each year. Picking out a special restaurant to go to so that they can enjoy each other’s company and the atmosphere.

Celebrating Your First Valentine's Day Together

If you are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day, you may not know what to do. This is a very special date that deserves some recognition and special plans.

We hope this article has inspired some ideas for you. You can also check out our full range of blog posts for other ideas on how to make your partner feel special.