Make her say "awwww," with these fantastic cute Valentine's Gifts for her. Show your lady just how special she is with this guide.

The older I get, the harder it is to come up with cute Valentine's day gifts for my lady. 

Any man who says this isn't true is a liar.

That said, Valentine's day gifts that your woman will actually find "cute," followed by endearing undertones of "awwww," require work, discipline, and lots of creativity, which, for most men, dissolve as soon as Christmas is over.

But have no fear, fellow men. 

I've thought long and hard about these cute Valentine's day gifts you'll be reading about here.

Some of the ideas for these cute Valentine's day gifts I've had to scour the internet for, while other ideas, I'm proud to say, I've added into this list from years of personal Valentine's day trial-and-errors. 

These cute Valentine's day gifts, totalling five in number (I've narrowed it down to the best) will not only blow your lady's mind away (and heart), but will blow your mind away, too.

You'll be the man who, to the envy of your friends, was able pull off at least one of these high-quality gifts.

So, without further ado, let's begin, loverboy!

1. Dazzle her 5 senses

Did you ever think to dazzle your lady via her five senses?

Men usually restrict cute Valentine's day gifts to one sense.

For example, a dress appeals to the sense of sight or chocolate appeals to the sense of taste.

For most men, that's where it ends.

But you could take things even further by sparkling her remaining senses in a creative way.

How to make a gift for her senses 

To electrify all of your lady's senses on Valentine's day, you'll need to get a 5-drawer set

... or, you can get 5 gift boxes and stack them.

After you've done that, label each drawer/box with each human sense:

  • See
  • Hear
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste

In each box, you'll be putting something that, in connection to the specific sense, will remind her of something that means the world to her.

Perhaps it’s her favourite sweet treat, which goes into the taste box, or perhaps it's her favourite perfume, which goes into the smell box, or maybe it's tickets to her favourite band, you can see where this is going.

Overall, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Put it in writing forever

For the guy on a tight budget who wants to melt his woman’s heart on Valentine’s day and forevermore, this is the gift to get.

With this gift, the idea is to write a brief love note, written on a glass picture frame with an erasable marker.

Every day, you'll be able to write something new.

The glass will have a prewritten "clause," followed by a blank line, on which you’ll write the reason for your love.

For example, on the glass board you'll pre-write something like:

I love you because....

Underneath that phrase, over a blank line, you'll write down your reason why you love your woman.

You'll write your reason daily, every few days, weekly, whatever works for you.

What you’ll need:

  • A picture frame (shoot for frames 11x14 or bigger with elegant details on the borders. Don't pick a boring, flat frame!).
  • An erasable, white-board marker
  • Neat handwriting!

That's pretty much it!

Now go and make your woman fall in love all over again, every day!

3. A rose dipped in gold

Cute Valentine's day gifts like this are up there next to the engagement ring.

What could be more sentimental than giving your better half an actual rose, an ‘Eternity Rose’, that has been preserved and dipped in pure 24-karat gold?

Cute Valentine's day gifts like this are something she'll never stop talking about, nor will she stop showing it off to her friends when you're not around.

Eternity Roses also come in a natural variety of colours, glazed and trimmed with pure 24K gold, preserved at the precise moment the rose had blossomed.

Send one of the above links to your lady's girlfriend or sister and tell them you're thinking about getting it for your lady on V-day. 

See what they have to say about this memorable gift.

They'll give you the green light right away, and they'll probably want one for themselves, too!

If it's been a while since you've moved your woman to tears, trust me on this one, this is the gift to get.

4. Go on a Valentine's Day treasure hunt

Men often forget that women like to be on the move.

It's part of their nature.

So while stationary gifts are always appreciated, taking your better half on a treasure hunt, a romantic one at that, will get make her happier than ever.

The idea is simple:

Write your lady a message, which will contain clues to a mystery location or event.

Will that mystery location be a romantic picnic out on the yard?

Will it be a date at her favourite restaurant?

You can write the mystery message on a post-it note and paste it where you know she'll see it.

Or, if she's often on the computer/phone, you can e-mail or text her.

Sample treasure hunt message:

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

In the fridge,

You'll spot the secret menu."

A little corny, I'll admit.

But now, let's say she goes to the fridge, and on the fridge's door she sees a menu to her favourite restaurant with a "reserved for two" note for the 14th.

Voila! Instant V-day joy.

You take it up a notch and write another secret message on the menu, and so on.

5. Make a love box

As per the header of this final tip, don't think this is a simple grab any "relationship paraphernalia" you can find and toss it into any old box kind-of-gift.

For this gift to work, you will have to think long and hard about what things really matter most to your main squeeze.

Once you've done that, you'll have to put some thought into how you'll be designing and presenting the box.

Each item that you put in the box should have a story, and each item should immediately resonate with her. 

If she doesn't know exactly why you've put something in the box, then you will need to be ready to explain it with something meaningful and from the heart.

Here are some items to get your creative juices flowing:

i. Pictures of "firsts" ... first date, first kiss, first picture together

ii. A letter you had written in the beginning of your relationship

iii. A small sample of the cologne you used to wear (or still wear)

iv. A silly drawing of the two of you (it's ok if you can't draw ... give it a shot anyway. Trust me, she'll love it)

v. Meaningful jewellery

vi. Anything else you think will mean something to your missus

Wow her with these cute Valentine's Day gifts

It can be incredibly hard for men to decide on what gift to get their better half on Valentine's day.

But this Valentine's day, you can make it easy on yourself with any one of these cute Valentine's day gifts mentioned in this guide.

If you want to be more creative this Valentine's day, go with the love box or the treasure hunt.

If you want to be more on the sentimental side and make this V-day a sure-fire hit with your lady, go with an Eternity Rose.

But whichever gift you choose, make sure it means something to you, too. A gift without the giver is meaningless.

You can find more ideas for cute Valentine's day gifts here.

If you have suggestions for any cute Valentine's day gifts not listed here, write them below!