These unique birthday gifts are not only creative - they're thoughtful. Check out this list of gifts that will make the woman you love feel appreciated.

When you get your partner a birthday gift, you want to see her face light up with joy. You want to give her something she wants, something thoughtful that shows her how much she means to you.

But do you ever have trouble coming up with unique birthday gifts that she will actually use?

From kitchen appliances to teddy bears to cheap jewellery, there are a lot of overdone gift ideas out there. When you didn't put much thought into your present, it shows.

You've planned a great way to celebrate the occasion, and now you just need a present.

Instead of just a box of chocolates or yet another bouquet of flowers, check out these unique birthday gifts that really show her how much you care.

How to Pick Unique Birthday Gifts

The key to finding a unique birthday gift for the special woman in your life is really thinking about her interests. Many of the ideas on this list can be made to suit her style and tastes.

Make a list of her favourite books, activities, TV shows — anything that comes to mind. This can guide you as you look for something just for her.

1. Polaroid camera and picture line

Polaroids are all the rage right now. In the age of smartphones, there's something nice about having a printed photo. They're fun and small enough that she can take it anywhere.

Hold onto the photos she takes throughout the year of all the things the two of you do together. Then, make her a polaroid photo clothesline for a cute way to display all those memories.

2. A handmade craft

Nothing makes a more unique birthday gift than something you've made yourself.

Even if you're not usually the crafty type, there are a lot of gifts you can make quite easily. For example, make her a necklace with beads that spell out something in morse code, such as "love."

Or, make her some personalised coasters from her Instagram photos.

The nice thing about handmade gifts is she'll appreciate the time and effort you put in to making a unique birthday gift, just for her.

Check out crafting websites like Pinterest for more inspiration and tutorials.

3. A weekend getaway or special day in

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences. Plan a weekend trip away for the two of you.

Cater the trip to her interests. Go to another city and see the sights if she's more of an urban tourist. If she likes the outdoors, try camping and hiking (or if she has a winter birthday, cross country skiing). 

While a trip like this could be expensive, you can work to make it fit your budget. Maybe cut it down to a day trip or even a stay-cation.

There are lots of ways that you can make a romantic occasion special without going away. From preparing a nice meal to doing activities she likes, plan out a whole day just for her.

Taking the time to celebrate her birthday with more than just a present will make her really feel loved.

4. A book signed by her favourite author

This one takes a bit more planning. If one of her favourite authors is coming to a book signing in a city near you, get down there and get a personalised signature.

You could also try reaching out to the publisher and pleading your case. Alternatively, you might be able to find a generically signed copy online.

This is a really meaningful unique birthday gift.

It shows that you really know her and her interests. She'll also be touched by the effort you went to get it for her.

5. A terrarium

Whether she's got a green thumb or not, you can't beat terrariums for their sheer coolness factor.

Whether she hangs it or sets it on a shelf, a terrarium is a great way to bring some life into the house.

Plus, since the plants themselves are extremely low maintenance, your gift won't create more work for her. She'll just need to water it once or twice a month!

6. Her favourite drinks

Does your partner like wine, beer, or a certain liqueur?

No matter what her favourite drink is, get her something she would never splurge on.

If she likes wine, pick one that would be outside of her normal price range. If beer is more her taste, put together a collection of interesting craft brews that she's never tried before.

Or, look for a really interesting twist on her favourite spirit. From rose petal-infused gins to fruit liqueurs, you might just find her new favourite drink.

7. Unique art to celebrate her interests

There are a number of websites where you can find really unique birthday gifts that will appeal to her interests.

Whether she loves Harry Potter, Jane Austen or Breaking Bad, you can find gifts to reflect those interests. Search websites such as Etsy for items related to her favourite book or movie.

You can find everything from witty coffee mugs to purses embroidered with quotes to art she can hang on her walls.

The great thing about ordering online is you get a unique birthday gift she'll never have seen in stores.

8. Self-care gift basket

Put together a gift basket full of her favourite things so she can indulge whenever she wants.

Nice soaps, bath oils, and candles can make any night a spa night.

Hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, cozy socks and a new paperback will go over well with any dedicated reader.

Herbal tea, essential oils, and an adult colouring book makes a great de-stress present.

A personalised basket is a thoughtful and unique birthday gift that she can use any time.

9. A meaningful memento

A keepsake that she can hold onto forever makes for a meaningful gift. Make sure to get something with symbolic value that really expresses how you feel about her.

Our Eternity Roses are lovely lasting symbols of your love that can be beautifully displayed. Every time she looks at it through the years, she will be reminded of your love for her and the birthday she received it.

Wrapping up

No matter what you get your partner, the most important thing is that it is thoughtful.

The gift itself should be a reflection of how much you care for her, and how deeply you know her.

Show her how much you really care, and she will be sure to have a birthday to remember.

I would love to hear your comments or answer any questions you might have about this post.

Yours sincerely,   

Dr. Carissa Coulston, Clinical Psychologist

BSc(Hons), MPsychol(Clinical), PhD, MAPS