Do you want to impress her with a gift that will last forever? Don't miss out on these 8 reasons why you should give your woman a preserved rose from The Eternity Rose collection.

The act of giving flowers dates far back to the Paleolithic age when it was used as a funeral offering.

However, prior to the Middle Ages, giving flowers became the ultimate way to express one's romantic feelings. 

Now, there is no better way to express your feelings towards a significant other than the gift of a rose.

The gift of a rose symbolises your love, gratitude, and appreciation for that special person. 

While many opt for fresh flowers, giving a preserved rose actually holds more advantages. Not only are they beautiful, but they also last forever. 

If you're looking for a way to show your woman just how much she means to you, then look no further. Read on to learn why you should buy her a preserved rose. 

1. A preserved rose requires no maintenance 

As we all know, to keep a fresh rose bouquet alive, you must put in a little work. You have to water it frequently and keep it in natural light. 

But, with a preserved rose, you are able to enjoy its beauty without any extra maintenance. 

On average, store-bought roses will typically last just over a week. That is, however, with the proper care. If you negate to care for your flowers, they will only last for a few days.

Preserved flowers do not require any upkeep. So, if you forget to water, you won't be in trouble. 

2. Decorative uses 

A preserved rose makes for the best decorative piece in a home and office. 

What's great about a preserved flower is that you can make use of it in several different ways.

Perhaps you'll use your flower as an elegant vase centrepiece for several months. Later, you can choose to do something completely different, like display it on a mantelpiece. 

Your significant other will be impressed with the endless decorative possibilities a preserved rose offers.  

3. Unchanging appearance 

Sure, there are many ways to make your deceased flowers look more appealing. But, with a preserved rose, you won't have to worry about it losing its initial appeal.

Typically, preserved roses are bought for their unchanging appearance. They are able to maintain their beautiful, fresh look for a lifetime.

As mentioned above, it typically only takes a week or so for fresh flowers to degrade in appearance.

Give the gift of a preserved rose to express that your feelings are unchanging. (Bonus points if you explain this to her through a romantic card

4. Gift opportunities 

Fresh flowers are a great gift for saying, "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you" for those 'just because' moments. 

Preserved roses tend to reflect a much deeper meaning. They make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or other sentimental holidays. In fact, each anniversary year is associated with its own colour, and so you can mark each Anniversary By Year with a preserved rose to match that occasion 

Of course, you don't need a special occasion to give your lady a preserved rose.

But, the elegance behind these special flowers hints that they aren't your ordinary gift. 

These roses are the perfect opportunity to show her just how special and unique she, and the occasion, is to you. 

5. Romantic meaning

As with fresh roses, the meaning behind your preserved rose varies depending on colour.

The most commonly preserved roses, a Red Rose and one that has been dipped in 24 Karat Gold, demonstrate the deep love and passion you have for her.

Giving her a preserved red or gold-dipped rose expresses that you love her eternally. Also, it shows that you want to preserve your love for her, forever.  

Pink roses symbolise happiness and appreciation. A preserved Pink Rose can emphasise that your appreciation for her will not waver.

A Pearl-White Rose was once the colour of the rose that stood for romantic love. Since the red rose has taken that identity, white roses have taken over a new meaning.

A white rose symbolises purity or new love. A preserved white rose would make a great gift for a first year anniversary or for your first Valentine's Day together.

6. Frequent reminders of love  

Flowers are so delightful because they can make even the gloomiest of days feel better. That's because it shows a woman that she is appreciated and loved deeply.

Since fresh flowers have such a short shelf life, we're only able to experience these moments a handful of times.  

Preserved roses are the gift that keeps giving. It can be weeks, months, or years from now when your lady will need a little pick-me-up. 

There's no better way to brighten her day than with a preserved rose. It can take her back in time and remind her of the special feelings you two share. 

7. Highly romantic gesture

When you give a person an Eternity Rose, you convey that your feelings are eternal, as well. There isn't much more of a romantic gesture than this.

Not only is the preservation itself romantic, but the rose itself already embodies true love.

In a long-lasting relationship, romance is an essential part of maintaining happiness.

But, giving her an Eternity Rose goes beyond your standard romantic gestures. It shows that you are committed, and are willing to go the extra mile to express yourself.

8. Express your commitment 

Fresh, store-bought flowers will ultimately die. Now, of course, that doesn't mean they're not great gifts and that your feelings for her will die when the rose does.

But, conversely, an Eternity Rose shows that your love won't die. Another one of the most important keys to a relationship is a feeling of security and commitment.

Preserved roses show that you are serious about your woman and you respect her for who she is. 

Also, they are an expression of your commitment to making the relationship work.

She will undoubtedly feel how loved she is by a gift with this much sentiment.

An Eternity Rose is the preserved rose of choice

If you are looking to 'Wow!' your lady with one gesture, our Eternity Roses are the gift(s) for you. Our roses have been cultivated in our own nurseries and are preserved for a lifetime, by being dipped in either 24k gold, platinum or silver, or glazed in their own natural colour with gold-trimming.

Your Eternity Rose will come in a stunning PU leather case, which can also be used for display. Also, customers will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

Contact us today to learn how our Eternity Roses can show your significant other just how much you love her.

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