Whether you've found the perfect Valentine's gift for your love, or are still looking, these DIY Valentine's wrapping ideas will take it to the next level.

Did you know that Valentine's Day is almost here? If you don't already have a great gift for the occasion, it could be that you forgot. So consider this your final reminder.

You don't need any reminder that 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people. This is the first opportunity to let your beloved know that you are aware of how she feels, and that 2017 is going to be better, much better.

If you have allowed yourself to become jaded about Valentine's gifts, falling into the habit of giving an uninspired box of chocolates every year, now is a good time to step up your game. 

Spending $2,000 or more on a ring does not guarantee a lifetime of domestic tranquillity. It can actually hurt your chances. Some consider the ring all the gift they need to give. 

But that ring is not as much a gift as it is a promise. It is a down payment for what is to come. 

While the origins of Valentine's Day are interesting, it is not particularly relevant to whether or not you should lavish your beloved with gifts. Of course you should.

Your ring is the precursor for years of lavishing. And a lot of men are many years behind when it comes to lavishing.

So let the lavishing begin. The best way to let her know that she is in for something special is by putting meticulous care into the wrapping of the gift. 

Here are 7 ways to make sure she is wowed before she even opens the box:

1. Make the Wrapping Part of the Valentine's Gift

No, you can't just wrap an empty box and call it a day. But the more she can see the effort you put into the presentation, the more the presentation becomes an integral part of the gift.

In the case of an Eternity Rose where there is an actual rose, infinitely preserved and dipped in 24K gold, presented in an exquisite box, is the gift the rose, the gold encasement, or the exquisite packaging? Answer: yes to ALL.

You can wrap that package in plain paper that is itself, completely covered with rose petals, and you have made her day, long before she gets to the rose.

2. Go Rustic

If you can't figure out elegant, try going the other way. Go rustic instead.

Forget wrapping paper. Find a large leaf (like an elephant ear) to use as wrapping.

And tie it all together with twine. If you can't find a suitable leaf, burlap will do.

Make sure the included card says something about her natural beauty. You get the idea. With such a wrapping presented just so, it almost doesn't matter what's inside.

3. Plain and Simple

You would be surprised at how special you could make a plain, white, unlined sheet of paper. Such a wrapping option becomes a canvas for your creativity. 

On that wrapping, you can sketch out a short comic strip featuring the love of your life. You can write a short message on all six sides of the wrapping, assuming it is concealing a box.

You could even get a little playful and leave it blank, except for a single question mark. Leaving the package in plain sight a day or two before opening it will add an extra layer of fun.

4. Origami

Origami is the art of Japanese paper folding. And there are probably a thousand ways to make a paper box, some with lids, some without, some that look like jewellery boxes, some that look like baskets... You get the idea.

With a little creativity, and a few free online instructions, you can present a Valentine's gift wrapped in both love and art, made from paper you likely already have.

5. Photos

Get a few treasured photos of the two of you printed out, and you can turn your wrapping paper into a priceless walk down memory lane.

You can cut out pictures of your smiling faces and paste them right onto one side of the box. Another side might be a small photo from a holiday or special occasion. Another might be of the kids, or even the grandkids.

It is a collage of snippets from memories that will make her very happy.

Is that cheating? You bet. But it is also winning.

6. The Surprise Enclosure

You've got to think way outside the box for this one, and be willing to take a few chances. Forget about the usual wrapping materials. This goes way beyond that.

It is all about enclosing a gift inside of something else that doesn't look like traditional wrapping.

An example would be to bake a cake, then hollow most of it out. Place your wrapped gift inside and let her discover it as she cuts the cake.

You could present her with a box made of lego blocks. As she disassembles the box, she discovers the gift inside.

These ideas are only for the advanced Valentine's gift giver. This year, that could be you.

7. Layers

Consider a gift wrapped in layers of wrapping paper. Inside of each layer is a handwritten message telling her how you feel. 

It could be five layers that represent the five most memorable experiences you've had with her. Each layer could represent an adventure you want to have with her. Each layer could be a clue to the nature of the ultimate gift inside.

Conclusion: The Thought that Counts

They say it is the thought that counts. But that's not really true. It is the actions behind the thought.

Even if the actions don't pan out exactly as planned, one can see the effort, and intent behind those efforts.

It takes time and talent to wrap a gift well. But it takes love and creativity to make the wrapping an integral part of the magic. 

Your Valentine's gift may not be everything you wished you could give her. But you can still make it a gift worth remembering with the right wrapping. 

So go find some paper, petals, and playfulness, and create some magic for this romantic gift-giving occasion.