Anniversary gifts for your wife can be the hardest to find. Let us make it easy for you with this article.

Did you know that 1 in 20 men cannot remember their wedding anniversary?

So, it must be music to your ears to learn that you're one of the more thoughtful husbands.

If you don't know what to buy your wife for an upcoming anniversary, don't despair!

We are offering 6 of the best anniversary gifts for your wife that she will love almost as much as you.

1. An eternity ring Or rose

There is no better way to prove your love than with a stunning eternity ring.

It will show her how much you still love her after all these years together, and it can help to keep the spark alive in your marriage and will ensure she has a great day.

Not too sure which eternity ring to pick? Not a problem!

Try to select a ring that complements her wedding and engagement rings. Consider her stone, band and metal plating.

You could even take a sneaky snap of the ring and ask a loved one or a jeweller to help you select the ideal design!

If she doesn't like to wear jewellery, or you are just looking for a romantic gift that's a little different, consider an Eternity Rose instead.

You can trust she will smile from ear-to-ear as you present her with an Eternity Rose that will last a lifetime. 

2. A pamper package

Is now not the right time to buy an eternity ring?

Well, you could always provide your beautiful wife with a pamper package, instead!

Think about all the things your wife loves to do to relax.

For example, you could buy her a cute pair of pyjamas for her to curl up in each night.

Think luxurious bath bombs for an indulgent bath, as well as moisturising body butter too.

Don't forget to include beautiful smelling candles, her favourite chocolate, and a good book.

3. An experience

Why not give your wife the gift of memories and book her an experience she won't forget?

There's an experience she's bound to love. You just have to find it! From afternoon tea at a stunning restaurant to a tropical holiday abroad, there are plenty of creative ideas to try.

Has she always fantasised about visiting New York? If you have the budget, book her a trip that will make her dream a reality.

If she's the adventurous type, take her on a parachute experience that will make her feel alive.

If she's a little sporty, enjoy a day of go-karting either together or with her friends.

Does she love to cook? Buy her a cooking class with a talented chef that will allow her to embrace her passion.

Think about her personality to find the perfect anniversary gifts for your wife.

4. Flowers

Does your wife appreciate beautiful flowers?

You could surprise her at home or at work with a gorgeous arrangement that will sweep her off her feet.

If you know her favourite flowers, select a bouquet that you know she'll love.

Not sure what her preferred flowers are? Choose the arrangement from your wedding day.

Chances are, those flowers are her favourite - and she'll love that you chose flowers from the big day.

If in doubt, read this helpful guide to buying flowers.

5. A necklace

Most women love beautiful jewellery, especially from their husbands.

If you're looking for the perfect anniversary gifts for your wife, give her a gift close to her heart with a necklace.

Select a necklace that's symbolic of your love for one another. For example, you could buy her a heart pendant necklace, or it could feature your initial.

So, she'll remember just how much you love her each time she looks at the necklace.

This is one anniversary gift that will not leave her disappointed.

6. A hotel stay

How often do you and your wife treat yourselves to a romantic stay in a luxurious hotel?

If the answer is not often, there is no better time to do so.

Surprise your wife with an overnight stay in a five-star hotel, either in your hometown or a little further away.

You could even telephone the hotel staff to decorate your room with flowers and petals ahead of your arrival.

She will feel both loved and appreciated from the moment you arrive.

You could even book a spa, so you can indulge in a couple's massage to relax and unwind.

That's an anniversary gift she will be talking about for years to come!

If you do tell her you're taking her to a beautiful hotel, don't expect her to plan everything.

You must plan every aspect of the hotel stay. From booking her time off work to arranging the hotel and restaurant reservation.

Otherwise, she might be less than impressed with the gift.

Top tips for picking an anniversary gift for your wife

Still haven't found the best anniversary gift for your wife?

We have even more tips to help you select the ideal present!

For example, you must:

  • Consider her personality
  • Listen to her (she might be dropping subtle hints you are missing)
  • Ensure the surprise is for her and not you
  • Don't spend money you don't have (she will not want to have to pay for the debt)
  • Be romantic (think treasure hunts, picnics and petal trails)
  • Be realistic (don't buy her a pet she has not got time to care for)

Looking for more current inspiration? Click here for more ideas.


There's a lot of pressure when selecting an anniversary gift for your wife.

The last thing you will want to do is buy her a gift she absolutely hates.

That's why it's so important to consider her personality before you buy a present.

When in doubt, discuss what you could buy her with her family and friends to see if they have any special ideas.

As long as you show some thought, you will not go wrong.

Have you managed to pick out fantastic wedding anniversary gifts for your wife? We'd love to hear your top tips.

Write a comment below to share your advice!

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