Recently engaged? Congratulations! But, before you say "I do," check out these conversation questions for couples to make sure you are ready for marriage.

Whether you are newly engaged or still getting to know one another, conversation questions for couples can be extremely helpful in getting you talking with your partner.

Sometimes, no matter how interested you are in each other, the conversation just tends to die down. You get into a rhythm and just chat about the same old things--or you're not sure where to start at all.

Looking for some important topics to chat about? Read on for some of the most interesting conversation questions for couples.

Best Conversation Questions for Couples

Couples at any stage need to know how essential it is to have an open line of communication.

Marriages can work through many ups and downs, but a lack of communication is nearly impossible to move past.

1. What's Most Important to You?

If you and your partner are ever to have a healthy, thriving relationship, you'll need to talk about the big topics in life. The answers to these questions will have a major impact on you both if you decide to spend your lives together.

The fact that you're reading an article on conversation questions for couples means that you have an interest in talking freely and deeply with your partner. This is a great frame of reference to work from.

2. What Does Your Ideal Life Look Like?

Having goals and dreams to pursue is key both as individuals and as a unit working together.

What do you want your finances to look like? Where do you plan to live? What will your career look like if you do it right? How will you spend your free time?

If you desire very different things in life, you're going to have to figure out how it will work, agree to make compromises, or go your separate ways.

This is one of the best conversation questions for couples because it allows you to go over many assorted details of your life.

3. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Pay attention to the answer to this question, because you need to be able to see yourself there in five years, too, if you're going to be together!

If you have very different visions for what life will look like five or even ten years down the road, it's important to find that out as early in the relationship as possible.

Knowing the answers to these questions about yourself and each other will help reveal whether or not you truly want to spend a lifetime together.

4. If You Could Do Anything and Not Fail, What Would You Do?

This is another way of phrasing the discussion about each other's ultimate dreams and desires.

Talking about what you would do if you could not fail opens up the conversation past just the standard "What do you want to do with your life?" Answers to this question tend to be more practical, realistic, and down to earth.

However, answers to what you'd do if you could do anything without having to worry about the details lets you talk in dreams and visions. It opens up the conversation to be more inspirational and gives you big-picture thinking.

5. What's Your Wildest Dream?

Not only should you know these kinds of things about each other, but you should encourage them, too.

Sometimes, life gets in the way and you feel like you just have to stick with what you've got.

But if you never give life to your dreams by talking about them with the important people in your life, then there's no one to help you along your path.

6. Do You Want Children?

At some point, you have to have the "kids" discussion. This includes whether the other person wants kids at all, how many they want, and when they want to have them.

This is an important topic to cover together, as it will have the main role in shaping the rest of your lives together. If one of you wants children and the other doesn't, this is a big hurdle you'll need to figure out before tying the knot.

Or, if one person is ready to have kids right away and the other wants to wait ten years, this is something you'll need to figure out together before diving in.

7. What Do You Want Your Children to be Known For?

This question tackles a lot of birds with one stone. Even with people who don't want kids, you can still talk about this.

It addresses what qualities each of you thinks is important in a respectable person. The qualities you want to instill in the next generation says a lot about what you value and admire.

If you answer that you want your kids to be known as kind-hearted free spirits and your partner wants their kids to be known as successful hard hitters on Wall Street, you both may need to take another look at your priorities.

8. What Are Your Pet Peeves?

Talking about what annoys you doesn't sound like a fun topic of conversation, but it's essential!

You probably have picked up on or discussed these things during your time getting to know each other, but it's important to have a dedicated conversation about them, too.

For example, if you chew ice and find out your partner hates the sound, you two have some compromising to do!

9. What's the Best Way to Start the Day?

This gives you a look at what gives your partner fuel for getting through the day. If you don't live together, you should definitely have this discussion so that you know what each other's morning routine looks like.

Are you both early risers, or does one of you prefer a wake-up time at noon? Do you make smoothies and blare music in the morning while your partner prefers to keep silence for the first part of the day?

Talk about it!

10. What Would You Do With Your Time If You Never Had to Sleep?

This again touches on a person's dreams, goals, and desires.

If you had all the time in the world, what would you spend it doing? This shows what you value, what's most important to you, and how you'd use your time in an ideal world.

Are you truly compatible? It's hard to know for sure without having these kinds of discussions before moving forward with your love.

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