Want to buy something memorable for your sweetheart this Christmas? Here are the top 10 festive season gifts to consider.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for her and not sure what to give?

Don't worry. In this post, we'll reveal the 10 best gifts.

Read on to see which one is perfect for your significant other.

1. ‘Love’ Jewellery

Jewellery often makes a special Christmas present, but here are a few extra unique ideas.

Heartbeat Necklace

This necklace has jagged lines that represent a heartbeat on a medical monitor. 

What is the meaning behind this? Very simple - “You make my heart beat”.

These come in a range of styles and prices. If you wish to choose a more expensive type, some jewellers craft them in silver or gold with encrusted diamonds.

Hourglass Necklace

An hourglass necklace symbolises the desire for two people to spend time together, and represents the notion that the love will last an eternity.

Bracelet with your own handwritten message or fingerprint

This type of jewellery takes personalisation to another level.

An engraver can style any message from you in a standard professional manner. But as lovely as this might be, nothing will melt her heart more than a message that has been transposed in your very own handwriting.

You can discuss this idea with your local engraver or jeweller. You may even consider having your signature embossed next to your own fingerprint.

2. Custom Photo Book

Have you amassed a huge collection of digital photos during the time you have spent together?

Rather than leaving those photos on your phone or camera, do something with them. Head to your local print store or use an online company to create a custom photo book full of your most precious memories.

Not feeling that a photo book will be suitable? You can do the same with a calendar, card, or canvas.

If you want to remain in the digital realm, try uploading your best pictures into a digital photo frame instead.

3. Name a Star After Her

Want to surprise her with a Christmas gift that could never fit into a box?

Give her a gift that will last forever (or at least a few billion years) by naming a star after her. Star Registration offers the chance to have a visible star named after your loved one.

You'll receive a beautiful certificate including the star's name and coordinates. They also include free software that lets you locate the star at any given date and time.

4. Gourmet Coffee

Help her wake up each morning by giving her a beautifully wrapped bag of her favourite gourmet coffee. She's sure to think of you and smile every time she fires up her coffeemaker.

What if she's not a coffee drinker? That's okay. The same idea could be applied to gourmet teas, drinking chocolates, or whatever she fancies most.

5. Love Coupons

The best Christmas gifts capture how much you mean to one another, right?

Heighten the anticipation of what Christmas Day will bring by giving her a collection of handwritten love coupons. When you're together, she can "redeem" them for things like kisses, a foot rub, or a bubble bath (for two).

You can make your coupons as sweet or as naughty as you like - whatever you think she'll like best.

6. A “Promise" Card

When you've been together for a while, it's not always possible to be there for each other when work, kids, and ‘life’ gets in the way.

With some advance planning, you can make a promise on Christmas Day to "be there" for her for some (or all) of her important upcoming events. Is she about to get a big promotion at work? Become an aunt? Start a new class?

Whatever the occasion, present to her on Christmas Day your promise (written in a romantic card) of having you by her side at some important events on the horizon. Especially those you may not have had a tendency to attend in the past.

This will re-kindle for her your thoughtfulness and consideration of her and her needs.

7. His 'n Hers Pillows

Want to be the last thing she thinks about before she falls asleep?

Give her a throw pillow, body pillow, or pillowcase that will remind her of you. It could be one half of a matching set, or it could be embroidered with a classic saying like, "Always kiss me goodnight."

Even if you are living together and share the same bed, you may be surprised how often couples easily overlook the presence of their partner in the room when they have been together for a while.

These thoughtful bedroom gifts are the perfect reminder that you're always joined in spirit.

8. Give Her the World

Of course, you can't literally give her the world. But the best Christmas gifts should remind her that she means the world to you.

You might do this with a world necklace, a globe paperweight, or a beautiful ornamental globe.

If you're looking for something more practical, you might also consider stress-relief squeeze globes or globe-foiled chocolate truffles. After all, no girl ever complained about receiving chocolate!

9. Weekender Bag

Want to get her psyched for a weekend trip away? Surprise her with a beautiful new bag.

Head to your local luggage store or browse online to find a bag that's perfect for her. Leather or cloth, patterned or solid - the choice is up to you.

10. Eternity Rose

We've saved the best for last. If you're looking for one of the most unique and romantic Christmas gifts for her, send your beloved an Eternity Rose.

These beautiful roses have been cultivated in a nursery, picked at the perfect stage of bloom, and then preserved in gold, silver, or platinum plating (or glazed in a variety of colours) to ensure they last forever. They come in a wooden display box that's almost as beautiful as the flower itself.

If your girl loves jewellery, she'll love the collection of Eternity Rose pendants and earrings too.

Best of all, these beautiful blooms will never wither or fade.

Where to Buy the Best Christmas Gifts for Her

So, which Christmas gift from our list is perfect for your sweetheart?

No matter how many of life’s complications and time separates you, these heartfelt gifts are sure to strengthen your bond and put a smile on her face.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!